Our founder, Grantley, speaks on the topics capturing his attention each quarter. His keynotes can be adapted to suit any setting – large conferences, company events, MBA lectures or virtual workshops.

Current topics

The pandemic permanently changed work. That change won’t stop or slow, we’re set for more aftershocks as the world moves from VUCA to BANI. We’ve studied a group of companies we term the ‘Progressives’ and defined 6 talent dynamics that led them to faster growth through the pandemic.

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Work is more distributed than ever – and predicted to become even more so by 2025. We’re currently studying new organisation design and operating model constructs to meet the demands of deglobalisation, distributed talent markets, hyper-collaboration and team autonomy.

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COP26 renewed global commitments to de-carbonise energy, transport and homes by 2050 or earlier. As new technologies gather speed, all economies face critical skills shortages. We’ve worked with cross-sector groups to identify priority actions and pathways between carbon and green jobs.

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60% of employees want their CEOs to speak out on complex issues like climate change or social justice. Social leadership is now core to business. Grantley is partnering with Wendy Smith to form Socially Conscious, a leadership observatory and accreditation program to decode the profile of future leaders.

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Recent Keynotes

Future Talent Council - Virtual Summit

8.11.2023: Grantley gave the opening keynote to a panel of 200+ global leaders spanning business, education and governments. His ‘ShapeShifters’ keynote prompted discussion on global growth markets and jobs of the future.

MBA 2023 Orientation

27.9.2023: Grantley delivered his ‘Shapeshifters’ keynote to 100 Cambridge MBA students at the beginning of a pivotal year in their careers. The discussion focused on how to shape new career chapters around visible regional growth bets.

MBA Orientation 2023

26.9.2023: Delivering two keynotes in the legendary Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre, Grantley steered 200+ Oxford MBA students through “a view into the future I can’t get anywhere else.” He focused on 6 waves of change in the future of work & the emerging need for socially conscious leaders.

AI at Work: Phantom or Saviour?

22.7.2023: Grantley joined the MBA Summer Conference to deliver his first AI-themed keynote, challenging leaders to think not just about ‘what’ AI can do, but ‘if’ it is safe to deploy. He presented AI as a productivity engine for modern work, but cautioned against recruitment use cases on grounds of bias. 

GM opening FWS22
Future Work Scenarios 22

12.5.2022: Grantley chaired a global Future of Work forum attended by 30+ organisations, featuring executive HR speakers from SAP, Coca-Cola, AstraZeneca, E.On, Costain, FREYR, BT and more.

Warwick MBA Keynote
Future of Work Keynote to Warwick Business School MBA Cohort

17.7.2022: Grantley delivered his keynote, “Keeping Pace with the Progressives: New Talent Dynamics to Accelerate Growth”, alongside Laurence Collins and Jack Hayball of DigiWorkz.

Keynote Feedback

“Grantley was an excellent chair for FWS22. His tone, delivery, use of personal anecdotes, and balance of sharing impactful insights while allowing the audience to have a voice were spot-on.”

Dominica Andrews - Managing Director, Independent Forums

Keynote Feedback

“Every manager needs to hear this. It's a presentation we can all relate to and act upon.”

Julia Fan - MBA Program Management, Warwick Business School




Our latest research reveals 6 high impact talent practices that helped AstraZeneca, Coca-Cola and SAP grow 4x faster than the FTSE100 over the past 3 years. Click below to access the blog post.



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