About us

We are a thought partner on social sustainability and the future of work.

We work with universities, VC funds, founders and think tanks to make the future of work today's reality. We help to create future-ready leaders, organisations and technologies that have a sustainable impact on workplaces, supply chains and labour markets.

What We Do

For Business schools + -

We present to MBA, Exec MBA and Business School alumni audiences on topics such as the future of work and AI adoption in the workplace. We inspire emerging leaders to find intersections between their experience and global growth industries.

Our clients include: University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Warwick Business School.

For VC funds + -

For VC funds and their portfolio companies, we review, evaluate and develop value propositions for enterprise customers. We also advise on growth strategies and provide insights on market trends or client pain points.

Our current VC partner is NoBa Capital.

For Founders + -

For Founders and their growth or product teams, we help to develop and test their value proposition with target customer segments.

We currently partner with ParagonOne.
For Think tanks + -

Grantley serves as a keynote speaker or conference chair to think tanks focused on the future of work.

Current partners: Future Talent Council; Future Work Scenarios.

Our Differentiators


We aim to keep you well ahead of your competitors and peers. Rather than gaze into a rear-view mirror, we predict what's around the corner.


We are all-in on the future of work, it is the only thing we do. We consider it the most important driver of social sustainability and we are committed to guiding leaders, investors and founders forward to social impact.


Our belief is simple - no single actor can have all the answers on the future of work, we need diverse viewpoints. We are constantly curious and revel in bringing people together to debate, challenge and learn.


We deliver impact from Day 1. We don't wait, because we don't see any time to waste. From the first keynote you attend, you'll walk away with new clarity on the transformation pathway ahead.

Our ideas and methods
are tried and tested:

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Our Values

We stand proudly with socially conscious leaders who are serious about growth and reject the status quo in searching for it. 

We are:

  • Committed to social sustainability
  • Innovative in our methods
  • Practical in action
  • Restless in our search for impact
  • Transparent in our messaging. 

Meet our Founder

Grantley Morgan is a work and talent strategist who obsesses about eliminating the talent drag on growth. Throughout his career, he has guided a broad range of clients in their quest to align business and talent strategies – from global banking and pharma majors, to EV startups and public sector bodies.

His strategic vision, constant curiosity, and rapid ideation help clients decode the future of work and define a set of talent accelerators for faster growth.

In creating Hipertalent, Grantley aims to advance the transformation of work by promoting the exchange of ideas between business, venture capital, start-ups and academia. Together we can ready emerging leaders, organisations and educators for the economic transition rapidly unfolding.

Keynote Feedback

“Grantley was an excellent chair for FWS22. His tone, delivery, use of personal anecdotes, and balance of sharing impactful insights while allowing the audience to have a voice were spot-on.”

Dominica Andrews - Managing Director, Independent Forums

Keynote Feedback

“Every manager needs to hear this. It's a presentation we can all relate to and act upon.”

Julia Fan - MBA Program Management, Warwick Business School

Client Feedback

“Every HR Director should experience your Culture Framing workshop before undertaking tactical initiatives. I learn so much from you each time we speak.”

HRD for an Automotive Start-up




Our latest research reveals 6 high impact talent practices that helped AstraZeneca, Coca-Cola and SAP grow 4x faster than the FTSE100 over the past 3 years. Click below to access the blog post.



Telephone: +44 7811 976 911

Location: London, UK

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