Every culture evolves over time. As more of their work moves outside of the workplace, employees might become disconnected from each other and the company's purpose. Managers and leaders might hold onto past behaviours and traits as pressure builds on results. Pulling in separate directions, the organisation may lack alignment between behaviours, performance and reward.

We blend data on leading companies with collaborative workshops to identify the gap between culture traits mapped to your growth objectives and those of your business today. We leave behind development paths to rapidly unfreeze unwanted cultural anchors, and ideas to help you track change over time.

What we offer

Culture Framing + -

Defining a company culture for the first time? Blending distinct geographic traits? 

Explore the cultural hallmarks you have already inherited and identify those you want. Set the values, behaviours and culture roadmap for growth.

Culture Assessments + -

Struggling to sustain or reinvent culture due to hybrid working? Observing tension between teams with different cultures across the company?

Gather rapid insights to identify the most successful values and behaviours for your business, then multiply them across the company.

Culture Transformation + -

Want to instil a new mindset or rhythm across the company? Or place customers at the core of your business?

Research the cultures and subcultures active within your organisation, identify the gap to required growth cultures, and deliver leadership/team action plans to close the gap.


Helping an automotive startup shape its culture, organisation structure, recruitment model and talent experience, for hyper growth


Keynote Feedback

“Grantley was an excellent chair for FWS22. His tone, delivery, use of personal anecdotes, and balance of sharing impactful insights while allowing the audience to have a voice were spot-on.”

Dominica Andrews - Managing Director, Independent Forums

Keynote Feedback

“Every manager needs to hear this. It's a presentation we can all relate to and act upon.”

Julia Fan - MBA Program Management, Warwick Business School

Client Feedback

“Every HR Director should experience your Culture Framing workshop before undertaking tactical initiatives. I learn so much from you each time we speak.”

HRD for an Automotive Start-up



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